Going to court as a witness or as the victim of crime can be a worrying and stressful experience.

Witness Service

The Witness Service helps people through the process before, during and after a court hearing, providing emotional support and practical information about court proceedings.

We will support anyone who has to go to court as a victim or witness, regardless of whether they are a witness for the defence or prosecution.

Who we help:

• Witnesses who are called to give evidence, including defence witnesses

• Victims of crime and their families and friends attending court for any reason

• Children as well as adults

What we offer:

• Someone to talk to in confidence

• A visit to the court to look around the courtroom before the trial

• A DVD explaining the court process and personnel and showing how the trial will proceed

• Information on court procedures

• A quiet place for you to wait before and during the trial

• Someone to accompany you into the court room when you give evidence

• Someone to be there afterwards to talk over what happened

• Practical help, for example with expense forms

• To put you in touch with people who can answer specific questions about your case (the Witness Service cannot discuss evidence or offer legal advice)

• On-going support, even after the case is over

If you are attending court you may find it useful to take the following:

• A friend or relative – you don’t have to attend court alone

• Any information you have on the case, for example the name of the police officer dealing with your case

• The letter asking you to attend court, if you have received one

• Something to read or do – you may have to wait a long time for the case to be called

• Money to cover costs on the day, such as car parking or refreshments

Claiming expenses:

If you are called as a witness, you can claim your expenses after the trial. These expenses may

include travel to the court, essential childcare, or loss of earnings. Please contact us for more



The Witness Charter – this was launched by the Jersey Police Witness Care Unit in 2012 to help witnesses going to court and to make the experience less daunting– you can read it here.

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