‘Since the burglary, no matter how many times I’ve cleaned the flat, it doesn’t feel the same.’ ‘I keep thinking I see the person who attacked me walking down the street towards me.’ ‘I’m so worried about going to court and having to face it all again.’ ‘We didn’t know whether we could claim any kind of compensation.’

Working for victims of crime

Anyone can be a victim of crime and people react in many ways. Some people experience anxiety, trouble sleeping, or fear of being in their own home. Personal relationships and work or school performance can be affected. Although most victims don’t suffer long term harm, both adults and children can be seriously affected. And we recognise that a crime committed against someone you know can affect you – we will help anyone affected by crime, whether they are a direct victim or not.

You do not need to have reported the crime to the police to talk to us.

What can Victim Support offer me?

We can give you emotional support, practical help and information

• Someone to talk to in confidence:

You can safely discuss your fears, worries and hopes with one of our volunteers – they will not judge you or tell you what to do, they are there to listen to you. Having someone to talk to who doesn’t know you or anything about you can be very freeing – they are there exclusively for you to talk to about how you feel, in confidence. Your information is protected and is only shared with others outside of Victim Support with your permission, unless it is felt that you or someone else’s safety is at risk.

• Information on States and Honorary police and court procedures:

The Police and Court procedures can be very confusing. Our volunteers are trained on what happens once a crime is reported to the police and what happens within the Judiciary system. We can find out answers to your questions about your particular case, advising you of what has happened with the accused and explaining court and police terminology.

• Liaison with other organisations and agencies on behalf of victims:

Victim Support will help you in whatever way we can – should that be referring you to another agency that is better placed to help, or finding out what agencies there are to suit your needs. We will speak with other agencies on your behalf, e.g. housing and social security, should your circumstances have changed as a result of the crime.

• Information on Criminal Injuries Compensation:

Criminal Injuries Compensation Board (Jersey) allows any victim of a crime which has happened in Jersey to claim compensation for their injuries. Injuries can be both physical and psychological. Victim Support will help you fill in the form and will act as your representative, if you so wish. Find out more.

• Accompany you to the police station, to court, legal aid, medical or other appointments:

If you need support while making your statement to the police, one of our Volunteers will happily go along with you. Likewise if you are called to court as a witness, or if you want to go to court to see your offender sentenced, our volunteer will go with you. They may even go on your behalf if you wish, so you have a first-hand account of what happened.


The Probation and After-Care Service – visit their website to find out information on what the service offers victims of crime and the work done to reduce the risk of repeat offending.