Burglaries can happen in many different ways:

• You may have been away from home at the time.

• Someone may have tricked their way into your house,

• You may have been busy or asleep when they broke in.

And a burglary isn’t always a one-off event – some people have been burgled several times or were suffering other crimes as well, such as harassment.

How you react to being burgled will vary from person to person. Even if nothing has been stolen, most people are upset just at the thought that a stranger has been in their home. Some people don’t feel secure in their home any more after a burglary. Children in particular can be very frightened and it’s easy for parents to forget the needs of their children when trying to sort out the mess and upset that a burglary can cause.

Some practical ideas

There are some things you can do after a burglary to help reduce the effects of the crime and to improve your home security:

• Get your home secured as quickly as possible. If you are in rented housing, tell your landlord about any repairs you need. If you own your home, you will need to make your own arrangements. We may be able to help, so why not get in touch.

• Look into ways of making your home more secure for the future. Some security measures can be expensive, but there are other things you can do that cost much less, such as leaving lights or a radio on when you go out and checking that all doors and windows are properly closed and locked. The police may be able to arrange for someone to give you home security advice too. For more information see: http://www.jersey.police.uk/be-safe/home-and-belongings/

• If important documents have been stolen, you will also need to let banks, government departments and other organisations know. Things to check for include bank cards, cheque books, passports, benefit books, mobile phones, birth certificates and driving licences. It is particularly important to tell banks and building societies quickly so that they can prevent fraud and further theft.

• If you have home insurance and want to make a claim you will need a crime reference number from the police.

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